Common Types of Abuse in Nursing Homes

Nursing home abuse is one of the most horrific things that can happen, yet it affects tens of thousands of nursing home residents every year. In many cases, nursing home abuse is a crime, and in nearly all cases, it is an infringement of a nursing home resident’s rights, which can result

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Return-to-Work Restrictions

Being injured on the job can be terrifying, especially if your injuries prevent you from being able to return to work for a period of time. However, if you are able to go back to work after being injured on the job, it’s important that you understand workers’ compensation return-to-work restrictions. At

Common Back Injuries in Car Accidents

Being in a car accident can result in serious injuries, some of which may lead to short- or long-term disability and suffering. While an injury can affect any part of the body, one area that is often affected is the back. Take a look at some common back injuries in car accidents.

Motorcycle Lane Splitting in South Carolina

Statistics show that the risk of a motorcyclist dying in a crash is much greater than the risk of an occupant of a standard motor vehicle. However, with safe behaviors, paying attention to the road, and defensive operation, the risk of a crash—and certainly a fatal crash—can be reduced. One behavior in

How to Win a Truck Accident Lawsuit in South Carolina

Being involved in a crash with a truck can be a tragic and terrifying experience. Faster than you even know what happened, a large truck can collide with your vehicle, resulting in permanent injuries, psychological harm, and high economic expenses. When this happens, it can be difficult to know what to do,

How Do South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Settlements Work?

Being injured on the job can be scary and upsetting. This is especially true if the injury suffered is serious enough to prevent the worker from returning to the job, resulting in medical bills and lost wages. Knowing what to expect after an on-the-job injury can give you some actionable steps and peace of

Collecting Car Accident Evidence to Support Your Case

One of the most frustrating parts of being in a car accident is navigating the claims process after the fact. You may be under the impression that the car insurance company responsible for processing your claim will pay you what you deserve, that fault will be clear, and that you won’t have

Tips for Dealing with Your Insurance Company After a Car Crash

While there are few positive associations with being involved in a car accident, one silver lining that people recognize is the potential of being compensated for their injuries via their car insurance company. Indeed, many people assume that so long as they maintain car insurance and have made their insurance premium payments