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Sumter Civil Rights LawyersIf you have been wrongfully injured by the governmental officials or employers, they have damaged or worse, gotten a hold of your property, or even discriminated against you, then you are not alone. You will immediately need to contact a Sumter personal injury lawyer today to explore all your options. According to the South Carolina Legislature, “the practice of discrimination against an individual because of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, or disability as a matter of state concern and declares that this discrimination is unlawful and in conflict with the ideals of South Carolina and the nation…” which is what our Sumter civil rights lawyer stands beside and strives to uphold.

We are one of the most prestigious civil rights attorneys operating in Sumter. At Marc Brown Law firm, we are known to be absolutely committed to our services, and our customers. We believe in helping you get your rightful share. We also offer you FREE and totally confidential consultation to discuss your case and your rights with you. We know that a civil rights case is not always the easiest to win. The US Department of Justice informs all types of criminal laws, and then it’s our job to represent our clients in court.

In case you like our services and you choose us to represent you in a trial, we do not take any legal fees unless we win your case and you are awarded the compensation for your damages and losses that you fully deserved.

Do I Have A Civil Rights Case?

Our first job as a firm is to let you know if you even have a case. We will thoroughly investigate your case to make sure we build a strong one which involves interviewing witnesses, securing evidence, and hiring the best experts. Not only do we review carefully the Constitution and civil rights laws, but we also make sure your civil rights have been violated in order to compensate you. We can help you understand civil rights litigation and what it requires. You can put us to work for you!

Some Examples of Violation of Civil Rights

  • False arrest: An officer has to legally be able to arrest you under certain laws and authority. They are trained to do so. But if they violate their grounds for arrest and don’t have a warrant or they simply become overpowering resulting in arresting you then coming up with charges later, you may be a victim of a violation of civil rights.
  • Unnecessary use of force: Officers may use reasonable force when arresting someone but police brutality can occur also which is unreasonable force. Through the court, you can seek compensation if you believe an officer has used unnecessary force against you.
  • Jail injury: Some have been known to be seriously injured in jail or killed from having medical distress and been neglected. They end up being ignored and it results in abuse, cruelty, or unusual punishment. A civil action is then extremely important to seek.
  • Illegal searches: Under the 4th amendment of the Constitution, “persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures” are secured. A probable cause or warrant should be the proper way of searches. Illegal searches violate your civil rights

But what Exactly Are Civil Rights?

Civil rights are those rights of personal liberty and freedom given and guaranteed to all American citizens. The first ten amendments are what grant these rights to you, also the U.S. Constitution, which is known as the Bill of Rights. When civil rights are violated by someone else or by the government you can then consider filing a lawsuit seeking justice and compensation for your injuries.

According to the laws in Sumter, everyone has the right to do whatever they wish, as long as it is done right and does not harm anyone. Your civil rights are your basic rights and they cannot be violated by anyone… if done so, they are most likely to face trial, if not jail.

We Have an Experienced Sumter Civil Rights Lawyer

Marc Brown is the real face behind all of this. He is a well-known lawyer in Sumter as well as one that’s very competent. Marc has gone through many such experiences in his life and has successfully won many of then. Marc has also worked with several insurance companies in defending their case at a National Law Firm. This gives him a better understanding of the picture when detecting the problem with the opposing part. Contact our firm today to discuss your legal options and the next steps.