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Columbia Construction Accident Attorney

Everyone understands that the Construction industry comes with certain physical demands on the body in terms of wear and tear, as well as a risk of traumatic injury. In both of these scenarios—whether the worker suffered an overuse injury or was struck by a piece of heavy machinery—they are owed workers’ compensation benefits by their employer. Unfortunately, securing this vital compensation is much harder than it should be, as employers and insurance carriers typically fight tooth and nail to limit payment and medical care. To win such a claim, you need an experienced Columbia construction accident attorney on your side. The Marc Brown Law Firm can help you successfully file a workers’ compensation claim, file an appeal if your claim gets denied, and take the matter to court by filing a lawsuit against your employer/insurance carrier if necessary.

Common Types of Construction Accidents

Whether you are a roofer, brick mason, carpenter, iron worker, electrician, crane operator, road worker, or any other type of contractor worker, you happen to work in one of the most injury-prone industries, which is likely not news to you. Common types of injury accidents/incidents include the following:

  • Struck by a passenger vehicle during road construction
  • Crushed by heavy machinery
  • Overuse injuries (also called repetitive strain injury) such as carpal tunnel syndrome, herniated disc, bursitis, tennis elbow, muscle strains/tears, or arthritis
  • Hearing loss
  • Falling from height
  • Trip and fall on the same level
  • Scaffolding collapse
  • Electric shock and burn injuries
  • Trench collapse

Compensation Available to Injured Construction Workers

Workers’ compensation benefits include temporary or permanent wage replacement, as well as medical care and vocational training. One of the pluses of workers’ comp is that you will receive these benefits relatively quickly, largely because you do not have to prove fault. Anyone, including yourself, or no one can be at fault for the accident or overuse injury and you can still file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. However, if another party (such as a driver, property owner, sub contractor, or other party) caused the incident, they can be held financially responsible by filing a personal injury claim against them. In fact, you can file a personal injury claim against them and file a workers’ compensation claim at the same time. However, you cannot file a personal injury claim against your employer unless their degree of culpability falls under the category of recklessness, which is often hard to prove, though not impossible. The benefit of a personal injury claim is that it allows you to collect full wage compensation as well as other damages, such as future lost wages, pain and suffering, and much more.

Call a Columbia Construction Worker Injury Attorney Today for Help

The world needs construction workers to do the necessary, yet often dangerous, jobs that keep society running. Your employer benefits financially from your labor as well, and they should be held financially accountable whenever you suffer any type of work accident or repetitive strain injury, regardless of fault. To get the benefits you deserve, call the Marc Brown Law Firm today at (803) 848-0008 to schedule a free consultation with a Columbia construction worker injury attorney.

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