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Orangeburg Dog Bite AttorneysAccording to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4.7 million Americans are affected by dog bites each year. More than a million among these dog bite cases can be quite severe, severe enough to require medical attention. Some of these cases can even result in the death of the victim. You will need the help from an Orangeburg Dog Bite Attorney.

Even though we see media reports on certain kinds of dogs, yet all types of dogs, if triggered, can cause a lot of harm, especially to children. Orangeburg is a place where the “one bite” rule counts. If a dog bites somebody once, then the owner is responsible for his future bad behavior. Even if a dog has a history of jumping or chasing, the owner will
be responsible for the resulting injury it causes to other people.

If a dog or any other animal has injured you or your loved one, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible. An early investigation regarding the animal, as well as their prior behavior, is essential since the owner may give away or even euthanize the animal.

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We at Marc Brown Law Firm fully understand these things. Our attorneys have experience handling all aspects of the dog bite cases. These are a form of personal injury cases, and they need immediate action. You do not have to fight alone to get your right; let our experts help you. Having years of experience, specifically in the personal injury field, our lawyers know exactly how to help you with your dog bite case.

Orangeburg personal injury attorney Marc Brown is the real face behind the Brown Law Firm. He handles most of the personal injury cases for you. Marc is one of the most competent lawyers you’ll find in Orangeburg. For years, he has dealt with and won numerous personal injury cases. What gives Marc a command over his cases is that he has also served as a defense lawyer for many officials in a national firm. He has experience on both sides of the case.

At Marc Brown Law Firm, we provide you with a FREE consultation. We look at your case and analyze it. If you choose to hire us, we further discuss the details of your case with you and help you get your right. Our services are purely customer-oriented, which means your expectations from the case are kept in mind.

We fight aggressively to help you get back your rights. No FEES is charged from our customers until we bring results to the table.

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Dog Bite Injuries can be horrible and even more so when a loved one is injured. So if you are looking for expert and competent lawyers to present your case and help you get full compensation for your loss, Marc Brown Firm is the best option. Contact us today to get help, which would actually bring you positive results.