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Orangeburg Nursing Home Abuse LawyersNursing homes should contain a safe, clean, and professionally staffed living atmosphere where the older people that are not entirely independent anymore can get the assistance and care they require to live comfortably. A lot of families have no other option but to put their elderly loved ones in nursing homes and trust that they will be taken care of. If you find signs of abuse contact an Orangeburg Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer right away.

Unfortunately, there have been reports of nursing home abuse in Orangeburg. Negligence of the staff has led to misuse of the elderly that can cause serious health issues, mental illnesses, and even death. For residents of the nursing home in Orangeburg and the family members that have some loved ones in Orangeburg nursing home, it is essential to be aware and to understand what consists of negligence and abuse.

It is also vital to take care of the symptoms, red flags, and the warning signs of a negligent and abusive nursing home. It is always a bad idea to wait for too long as the elderly could end up facing severe consequences if actions are not taken on time.

Despite you being abused, even if you are concerned about the quality of the care of your loved one, you have all the reasons to get help. Orangeburg personal injury lawyers at Mark Brown Law Firm is an experienced firm that has worked in many cases regarding nursing home abuse in Orangeburg.

Marc Brown is an experienced lawyer who has dealt with cases of nursing home abuse and helped his clients receive their compensation and justice. Mark Brown is a highly-skilled,
a compassionate, and experienced lawyer who initially gained his experience at a national firm defending corporate organizations.

What Institutes Abuse in the Nursing Homes?

There can be many different forms of nursing home abuse. Defined in general terms, “abuse” is any intentional mistreatment, which ends up in psychological, physical, or financial harm. On the other hand, negligence is an unintentional error or oversight. But despite being unintentional, these errors are still harmful to the residents that suffer unfairly under the care of nursing homes and an Orangeburg nursing home abuse lawyer would know what to look for.

Some of the most common nursing home abuse in Orangeburg include:

  • Sexual attack of nursing home residents
  • Failure to take care of the residents properly.
  • Wrong use of physical or chemical restraints
  • Financial exploiting of families
  • Physical assault of any sort within the nursing home
  • Lack of access to family or any other caretaker
  • No access to medications, food, restrooms, and liquids.
  • Accusing, scolding, yelling, or any other kind of verbal disparagement
  • Errors in providing the right medication (quality, amount, doses, etc.)
  • Failure to sufficiently monitor residents that are at risk
  • Failure to adequately staff the nursing home that guarantees sufficient care
  • Unable to provide, maintain, and install safety equipment
  • Lack to identify and provide cures and treatments for infections, diseases, injuries, and other illnesses.

Among all these possible abuses and negligence, any resident can be at risk. Usually, families and residents fail to recognize that they have been wronged.

It is essential to hire a lawyer that can look into your injuries and case and determine where you have been wronged and how to get you compensation and justice for it. Mark Brown is an experienced lawyer who has helped many people that have been wronged in nursing home abuse in Orangeburg.

An Orangeburg Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Knows How To Help!

If you or your loved one feel you have faced an unjust behavior or have experienced an abuse of nursing home, contact us and let us help you! We promise we will fight your case with full dedication and get you the justice that you deserve.