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Sumter Pedestrian Accident Attorney

The CDC website states that in 2017, there were 5,977 pedestrians that had traffic crash fatalities. That information translates to one death for every 88 minutes. Over the years, pedestrian accidents still remain one of the highlights types of road accidents. Even though walking is a choice of 107.4 million Americans, they still need to know about their rights to make sure they are safe. This can be done by speaking with our Sumter pedestrian accident attorney.

According to the reports by the NHTSA, there were 59,000 pedestrian injuries across the United States in 2009. Only a fraction of pedestrian crashes that cause injury are ever recorded by the official authorities; many times, people let them go. This is both tragic and alarming because this means that numerous injured pedestrians choose to suffer without the financial help that they may be able to get.

Defining what a Pedestrian Accident Is

A pedestrian may be defined as any person who is walking in a developed area, like a neighborhood, or by the road. When pedestrians walk by the side of the road or in a developed area, it is obvious that they’re putting themselves at risk. Even if a pedestrian takes full safety measures, they still cannot predict the actions of a driver.

Most pedestrian accidents occur due to the negligence of the drivers either because they are too drunk or too busy in their tasks to focus on the road or speeding over the speed limit. Which, of course, is against the law. Even confusion or aggressive driving may be the cause of the accident.

If you have been a fresh victim of a pedestrian accident, then you need to stand up for your rights today to get your rightful legal compensation. Our Sumter personal injury lawyer can help with that.

Get Legal Help Now

The Marc Brown Law Firm is highly experienced in the realm of personal injury ( pedestrian accidents) as it is something we are entirely focused on.

With years of legal experience, our team of efficient lawyers has handled all types of pedestrian accident cases. We can assist you with filing a claim for your accident and fight aggressively for your rights. Personal injuries are never to be taken lightly, and our firm profoundly understands that. Provided that, we know how our work can significantly affect the future of each of our clients. We, therefore, take matters very seriously.

Marc Brown is the real face behind our firm. He is a competent and experienced lawyer who knows exactly how to prove the party at fault guilty. Since he has worked as a defense lawyer for insurance companies at a national firm, he knows exactly how to get leads on the case. We at Marc Brown Law firm provide you with full confidentiality for your case and discuss all outcomes with you. Your expectations are taken into consideration as we fight for you.

We do not charge you unless we bring positive results!

Seek Legal Assistance From A Sumter Pedestrian Accident Attorney!

We represent pedestrian injury victims and their families regarding accidents and fight for the compensation they deserve. Do not wait any longer. Early investigation can help you get leads on the case. Visit our firm in Sumter to find out what we can do further. Book your FREE appointment at Marc Brown Law Firm today.

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