Case Results

Civil Rights – Excessive Force

Confidential Settlement
Multiple correctional officers took turns spraying a handcuffed and chained inmate with chemical munitions. The officers then left the inmate in an empty cell for hours without providing water or any materials for him to cleanse the chemicals out of his eyes and off of his body.

Car Accident

$1,075,000 Recovery
Our client’s vehicle was struck by a large dump truck. Our client sustained significant injuries but was thankfully able to recover and return home to his family.

Car Accident

Confidential Six-Figure Settlement
Our client was a young child that was playing in his front yard when the ac ident occurred. A vehicle in the yard began backing up and ran over the child. He suffered serious injuries to his head and eye due to the accident.

Wrongful Death

$250,000 Policy Limits Settlement
Our client lost his life after being struck by a sports car while walking along the roadway. Despite the insurance company initially denying liability and offering $0 to settle the case, we were strategically able to obtain the full available policy limits for our client’s family.

Nail Salon Infection

$90,000 Settlement
Our client sustained injuries to her finger while being serviced at a popular nail salon. The injury became infected, which required her to undergo a minor surgical procedure. The insurance company’s “top” offer was $32,000 before going to mediation. We settled the case at mediation for almost 3X that “top” offer.

Bicycle Accident

$100,000 Recovery
Our clients were on their way home when they were run off the road and into a ditch. The car that ran them off of the road did not actually make contact with their vehicle, and thankfully no one was severely injured. Despite only sustaining minor injuries, we were able to get our clients a great result.