The Marc Brown Law Firm proudly accepts cases from other attorneys, whether as a referral or in a co-counsel role. Attorney Marc Brown knows that a lot of attorneys are not able to accept certain cases because of various reasons, such as constraints on that attorney’s legal practice, conflicts, and not being licensed to practice in South Carolina or Georgia. Marc prides himself on providing exceptional service and obtaining impressive results for his clients. He also prides himself in generously sharing fees earned in cases that are referred to the firm. We welcome and appreciate the opportunity to handle cases referred to the firm by other attorneys.

In certain cases, having strength in numbers can be beneficial. Marc has a reputation for being a diligent and effective attorney and enjoys teaming up with other attorneys to fight the good fight. He gained exceptional experience and training while working at an AM 100 law firm, and his goal is to always outwork and outsmart the opposing side. Whenever additional firepower is needed, Marc is here to assist as co-counsel.