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Time is of the essence when you or a loved one are injured in a preventable accident. After being hurt through no fault of your own, your focus needs to be healing and returning to your normal life. While a return to normalcy is crucial, if you are seeking financial compensation to recover for your injuries then you must act quickly.

Filing a lawsuit is a time-sensitive issue, and the law requires you to use it or lose it when filing a claim for compensation. The ideal time to contact an attorney to file that lawsuit is as soon as possible after your injury. The law requires you to file your lawsuit within a certain timeframe after you are injured. A failure to file your lawsuit within that timeframe could result in you losing your legal right to compensation. The Atlanta accident attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm know the deadlines for your case, and we know how to get creative in arguing any loopholes to those deadlines when needed.

Marc Brown Law Firm Personal Injury Attorneys Help You Recover for Personal Injuries Carelessly or Intentionally Caused by Another Person

You may be entitled to financial compensation when another person negligently or intentionally injures you.  These types of injuries are unpredictable and can leave their victims in the lurch.  Personal injury law exists for the purpose of making injured people whole.  In other words, a lawsuit filed for personal injuries is meant to put you in the place you were before you were injured.  

Our attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm handle the gamut of personal injury cases.  We have experience representing clients injured by negligent drivers, trucking accidents, medical malpractice, defective products, negligently maintained premises, slip-and-falls, intentional battery, and exposure to hazardous materials.  We will work diligently on your case from your initial consultation through trial.  

Many people experience anxiety at the thought of their case going to trial.  In today’s legal climate, it is rare for a case to go to trial, but trials do happen.  Specifically, cases go to trial when the injured person and the defendant have substantial disagreements about the financial value of a case.

Our attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm act as your trusted counsel and dedicated advocate.  As your dedicated advocates, our attorneys believe your case is your choice.  The attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm know personal injury cases can be emotionally difficult. Every case is valuable to our clients and to our attorneys.  As your trusted counsel, our attorneys will advise you honestly of the financial value of your case, the likelihood of success at trial, and what the costs and benefits of going to trial are in your case.

The attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm know how to evaluate and prove your case. They have experience defending big insurance companies in courts across the United States. This experience has taught them how to properly investigate, evaluate, and litigate cases against these companies. The personal injury attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm know these insurance companies, their attorneys, and how they operate. This means they know how to value your case, how the insurance company is valuing your case, and when your case is a good candidate to go to trial.  

With the attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm, your case is in safe hands. Our knowledge of the ins and outs of the law will maximize the compensation you receive. Most importantly, our wrongful death lawyers in Atlanta focus on the case so you can focus on getting better, even in the instance a fatal injury occurs.

Filing a lawsuit is stressful, but it doesn’t have to be when you are represented by the attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm. We make it easy by:

  • Being available around the clock for our clients;
  • Working on a contingency basis, meaning you will have no upfront costs, and you will only pay fees if we win;
  • Traveling to you if you are not able to visit our office; and

Time is of the essence in filing your case, but there are no upfront costs with Marc Brown Law Firm and no reason to wait to call. Call us today to get started on your case today!