Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

At a time when they should be focused on healing, families have a long list of problems to address after a loved one is injured in a trucking accident. Victims of trucking accidents may suffer from spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, traumatic brain injuries, disfigurement, or even death.

Healing from injuries caused by a trucking accident and the decisions that must be made in the accident’s wake are stressful. Your finances do not have to be one of those stressors: you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  In Georgia, victims of trucking accidents may be entitled compensation for general damages for pain and suffering or for their lost abilities to earn income, special damages for anything they lost as a result of the trucking accident, and direct damages for any injuries they sustain that were proximately caused by the defendant’s negligence. 

Marc Brown Law Firm’s clients can put their energy toward healing because they know that the attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm are putting their energy towards maximizing their clients’ recovery. Our years of litigation experience will help you recover your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other damages you are entitled to. We will retain investigators, engineers, and other experts to investigate, prove, and maximize the value of your case.

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How Marc Brown Law Firm Attorneys Fight For You After Your Truck Accident Injury

The aftermath of a truck accident can be gut-wrenching for its victims. They often face serious injuries, disabilities, lost wages, emotional distress, and a long list of traumatic issues. Our attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm will help you through this and pursue compensation on your behalf from those responsible for your injuries.

One way aspect of how our attorneys do that is by investigating your claim and gathering scientific evidence to prove your case. Our attorneys will:

  • Thoroughly investigate the truck accident that injured you;
  • Gather evidence to build your case;
  • Work closely with expert witnesses specializing in accident reconstruction, engineering, forensics, psychology, medicine, supply-chain logistics, and more;
  • Interview witnesses and other parties;
  • Calculate the economic value of your truck accident;
  • Address any claims of contributory negligence defendants may use to stop you from recovering compensation;
  • Seek the maximum settlement negotiation from the insurance company during negotiations; and
  • Counsel you about your legal rights and options so you can make the best decision for your future and your family; and
  • Take your case all the way through a jury trial if the defendants refuse to make you a fair settlement offer.

Scientific evidence is often crucial in proving our clients’ claims in truck accident cases, and the attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm understand the intricacies of introducing that evidence in both state and federal courts.

How Do Marc Brown Law Firm Attorneys Tell the Story of Your Truck Accident?

If your case does make it to trial then we will have the best possible evidence to prove your case. There are two types of testimonial evidence: lay witness and expert witness.

Lay Witness Testimony

Lay witness testimony often comes in the form of a description of someone’s actions or what their condition was. An example of lay witness testimony is a doctor who testifies that his patient was coughing and running a fever.

Expert Testimony

Expert testimony differs from lay witness testimony in that it is testimony describing why or how something has happened. This kind of testimony is based on the testifying expert’s training, scientific, technical, and specialized knowledge. An example of expert testimony would be the same doctor testifying that his feverish, coughing patient has a particular disease because that diagnosis is based on the doctor’s scientific, technical, and specialized knowledge.

Marc Brown Law Firm Truck Accident Lawyers Use Experts to Maximize Your Compensation

Proving your case with expert testimony is where our close work with accident reconstruction specialists, engineers, forensic scientists, psychologists, doctors, and supply-chain logistics professionals comes in key. We interview and prepare these witnesses for trial from the moment they start reviewing your case. This helps us maximize the settlement value of your case and any verdict a jury might award.

These issues are complicated, but our Atlanta car crash attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm are clever, careful, and persuasive in making sure that they establish the reliability and helpfulness of their expert’s opinions while fighting to exclude bad evidence produced by defendants. Their deft navigation of the courts helps them maximize the value of our clients’ cases and get our clients the most compensation possible. Call the attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm today to discuss your case and see what they can do for you!