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Marc Brown Law Firm Fights For You After Your Car Accident

After being injured in a car accident, there are many questions that need answers. Chief among those questions is: how you will pay for your medical bills and other debts stemming from that crash. If another driver’s negligence caused that car accident then you may be entitled to compensation.

If you have been a victim of negligent driving it is imperative that you contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible. But how should you know which car accident lawyer to choose? The consequences of serious car accidents are physically trying and emotionally draining. You deserve an advocate who thinks of you like family. You need an attorney who will do more than write a demand letter seeking to settle your case after the crash.

You need an attorney with real litigation experience, strong investigative skills, and knowledge of how defendants decide how much they are going to pay in a case. Crucially, you need an attorney who understands the law and how to navigate the courts as well as the defense attorneys who will be representing the big insurance companies.

Our personal injury attorneys in Atlanta are ferocious advocates who take to the courtroom like fish to water. Our attorneys spent years working for powerful corporations and insurance companies. They understand the games defense attorneys play and have a proven track record of beating them at their own game.

What Should You Expect When You Choose Marc Brown Law Firm to Seek Compensation For Your Car Accident Injury?

Whenever a lawsuit is filed, there are plenty of complex issues to address. The attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm serve as your tireless advocates and most loyal counsel. They will provide you with the best legal advice available while navigating the procedural labyrinths of the American courts.

After your lawsuit is filed, the case will move forward toward a resolution in the following stages:


This is the first thing step toward recovering compensation for your car accident injuries. At this stage, the attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm will start the lawsuit by drafting and filing a complaint with the court on your behalf. After the complaint is filed, the defendants will respond with either an answer or a motion to dismiss.


Discovery begins shortly after the complaint is filed and the defendants have responded to it. Discovery takes the form of paper discovery and—typically after that process is completed—each side will have the opportunity to depose the other side’s witnesses. Discovery is a crucial stage of the case because it helps Marc Brown Law Firm attorneys develop evidence for your case while learning more about the other side’s case.

Dispositive Motions:

After discovery, parties may file what is known as a “Motion for Summary Judgment.” This is a legal motion that basically says, “The facts of what happened are not in dispute, and our side wins because of how the law works on these facts.”


Trials are rare, for most cases that are filed settle long before they get to trial. However, if the case does get to this point then the attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm will have the evidence ready to tell your story to the jury.

Generally, these four steps are how cases proceed through the courts, but there are occasional exceptions.

Are Car Accident Suits Always Straightforward?

Put simply, no, lawsuits often veer from the linear path that was described above due to the procedural rules instituted by legislatures and courts. The procedural

rules that Marc Brown Law Firm attorneys navigate every day are major issues in lawsuits alleging injuries caused by negligent driving.

For example, § 9-3-33 of the Georgia Code sets forth the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits, and it requires every person filing a lawsuit alleging personal injuries–which is alleged in almost every car accident suit–to be filed within two years.  Failing to file within two years of the injury can mean the death of an injured person’s right to recover.  However, our attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm know Georgia law allows the injured person’s spouse to bring his or her loss of consortium claim even though the underlying injury is no longer legally compensable.  

In the unfortunate event of a fatal accident, the complexities of legal proceedings increase significantly. Atlanta wrongful death claims arise when an individual dies as a result of another party’s negligence or intentional actions. These claims are unique and distinct from personal injury claims, and they involve specific procedural rules and requirements.

Another legal complexity commonly addressed by Marc Brown Law Firm attorneys is proving direct damages.  Georgia law defines direct damages as damages that were “proximately” caused by a defendant’s negligence. Damages are proximately caused by a defendant’s negligence are damages that were foreseeable results of the defendant’s negligence at the time that the defendant acted negligently to cause the injury.  Our attorneys understand how crucial it is to develop strong theories about how it was foreseeable that defendant’s negligence would cause your injuries, and they are clever and creative in arguing that foreseeability.  

How Can the Attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm Help You Over Those Hurdles?

Mistakes in following procedures like the statute of limitations can have dire consequences, and those consequences include the possibility that you might lose your right to recover any type of compensation for your injuries at all.  In the event of a truck accident, our truck accident attorneys in Atlanta will begin thinking of all of the clever arguments necessary to prove that your injury was a foreseeable result of defendant’s negligence and maximize the value of your case.  When you hire the attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm, you can trust that your case is in good hands. They will:

  • Make sure to provide notice to all of the proper authorities and parties;
  • Provide a steady hand when counseling you on your legal options;
  • Leverage their extremely valuable insight into how these organizations think when devising a strategy to litigate your case; and
  • Utilize their years of experience defending insurance companies and large corporations to maximize the compensation you ultimately receive.

They are available to their clients at any time, day or night, and they make sure to keep them updated throughout the life of their case.

You might be thinking that you cannot afford such high-quality legal representation. Lawyers are expensive, but the attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm work on a contingency fee basis. This means there are no upfront costs, and you only pay if they win your case. Time and distance are no issue. The attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm will travel to you if you are unable to travel to them for any reason. The dedicated attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm are just a call away. Time is crucial when filing a lawsuit, so don’t wait! Call today!