Allendale Truck Accident Attorney

You were hurt by the negligence of a truck driver, and now you have significant financial loss and frustrating, ongoing pain. Let our personal injury lawyers in Allendale at Marc Brown Law Firm provide you with the legal support and guidance you need to pursue full and fair compensation. Our Allendale truck accident attorney brings compassion, aggressive legal action, and reliable support to the fight for you.

Why Choose Our Legal Team After Your Truck Accident

Marc Brown Law Firm is committed to providing our clients with aggressive protection of their rights when a truck driver or trucking company puts you at risk. We have extensive experience pursuing even the largest trucking companies for fair compensation for our clients. Turn to us for a free consultation to discuss:

  • If you have a case against a truck driver or trucking company
  • What your rights are in pursuing compensation for the losses you have
  • What steps to take to maximize the compensation paid to you

We Fight to Get the Evidence Necessary in Your Truck Accident Case

Our truck accident lawyer in Allendale is committed to supporting you throughout this process. At the heart of that is gathering all evidence to prove what happened and why so that the proper people are held accountable. We demand justice, and to do that, we do the hard work of finding evidence, including:

  • Photos and videos of what happened
  • Truck driver logs that demonstrate what the driver was doing prior to the accident
  • Medical reports from the truck driver that may indicate illness or intoxication
  • Documentation that may show the driver is lacking training or skills
  • Information that shows the truck driver was overworked or not adhering to the stipulations required under the law

This evidence helps us know how to pursue compensation in your case. You can depend on our motor vehicle attorney in Allendale to do all of the work for you in gathering this evidence.

Determining How Much Your Truck Accident Is Worth

Another step we take is exhaustively exploring all of the losses you have as it relates to this truck accident. This allows us to pursue fair compensation for you. Some of the most common losses our clients experience come from injuries such as:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones and complex fractures
  • Laceration
  • Internal injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries, including those resulting in paralysis
  • Burns

These all have complex medical bills, long recovery times, and limitations on your ability to work. Many cause pain and suffering as well as emotional trauma for victims. Enable us to work very closely with you to determine the full financial impact these losses will have on your future.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Truck Accident Lawyer in Allendale Now

Contact Marc Brown Law Firm now to determine what your next step is. Meet with our Allendale truck accident attorney to explore the financial options available to you, including insurance claims and, in some situations, legal action in a court of law. We are available 24 hours a day for a free consultation.