Bamberg Negligent Security Attorney

You are facing injury, financial loss, and ongoing terror at what you experienced due to the negligence of another person. For Bamberg crime victims and negligent security victims, it may be possible to hold those who allowed this to happen to you accountable, at least financially, for what happened to you. At Marc Brown Law Firm, we aggressively seek out the cause of this type of legal matter to develop a strong case to protect our clients. Our personal injury attorney in Bamberg will fight for you.

Crime Victims and Negligent Security Laws Protect You

A crime victim may have every right to want to see the person who caused their harm go to jail. Yet, in these situations, you may not receive any monetary compensation that actually helps you to move forward with your life. That is where proving negligent security can help your case.

This is the process of showing that someone else, such as the property owner, failed to keep you safe, though they had the duty to do so. By pursuing negligent security claims, you may be able to recover some of the financial losses you have after these types of cases.

Examples of Negligent Security and Crime Victim Claims

There are many instances in which negligent security and crime victim cases go unexplored because victims do not know they have rights. If you were the victim in any of the following situations, we encourage you to contact us immediately:

  • A shopping center or retailer fails to keep their property safe
  • An apartment complex does not check the background of a known criminal that ends up hurting you
  • A hotel fails to identify through a background check or other steps that a person working for them is a sexual predator, and you suffer
  • A bar or nightclub does not have ample security to minimize the risk of injuries and losses
  • Schools fail to keep your children safe, and someone hurts them

Many times, these types of criminal acts include shootings, assaults, rape, and harassment. Many of the cases our Bamberg crime victims and negligent security attorneys take on come from intensely life-threatening situations where someone failed to provide protection.

Proving Liability in a Negligent Security Matter

One of the steps we must take is to prove that the property owner, manager, or other party is responsible for the losses you have incurred. To do that, we must show:

  • The party owed you a duty of care
  • They failed to maintain that duty of care, exposing you to risk
  • That failure directly led to the incident
  • The incident led to your financial or other losses

If a nightclub owner fails to provide ample security and someone suffers serious injuries due to a fight, that nightclub owner could be responsible for the victim’s losses. It is our goal to prove that.

Explore Your Rights in a Free Consultation with a Bamberg Crime Victims and Negligent Security Attorney

There is no way to fix the horrible outcome that happened to you, but with the help of our Bamberg crime victims and negligent security attorneys, we can make those who did this pay. Call Marc Brown Law Firm now for a free consultation.