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Sumter Bicycle Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, it is safe to say that the average driver is neither looking out for cyclists on the road, nor happy to give the appropriate room and respect that cyclists need to feel safe. Our car-centric society places the needs of motorists before all else when it comes to transportation, and this is reflected in how cyclists, pedestrians, and other vulnerable road users are treated. If you were hit by distracted, aggressive, road-raged, drunk, or otherwise incompetent driver, Sumter bicycle accident attorney Marc Brown is here to help you seek justice by filing a personal injury claim for maximum compensation.

Did you know that out of 20% of Americans, 18% ride bicycles daily? And over 77% of them are males? With such a huge number of riders, accidents are bound to happen once in a while. The NHTSA released a 2017 graph showing how bad the bicycle death rates have increased in South Carolina. If you are a bicycle rider then you must know that you are exposed to danger all of the time. Riding a bicycle in the best manner possible is the only option you’ve got against the potential risks. If you are involved in a cycling accident, our Sumter bicycle accident attorney can help.

Here are some of the many reasons why bicycle accidents can occur in Sumter:

  • Bicycle accidents occurring because of other motorists
  • Bicycle accidents occurring due to bicycle’s own defects
  • Bicycle accidents involving other factors

In any case, if it is not your fault that the accident occurred, or at least 50% not your fault, Sumter’s law allows you to file a lawsuit against anyone, due to whose negligence you had to suffer serious injuries or damages.

Main Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents can be caused by a number of things. These accidents can include drivers who run into bicycles, when a cyclist makes a turn against the flow of traffic, either the driver is not paying attention or only paying attention to the street signals and stop lights, not the other things around them, or when a driver is drifting into another lane. Nowadays, cell phones are a huge distraction for drivers and a cause of many accidents. Running lights can also cause cycling accidents when the driver is not paying attention to crosswalks or other areas of the road when they are trying to get through a yellow light. Auto accidents are some of the worst for cyclists. According to SCDOT South Carolina moved from 6th place to 3rd place, meaning more bicycle-related deaths were recorded in 2015 in comparison to 2014. Bicycle accidents are a daily occurrence, especially in South Carolina, including the region of Sumter.

Our Sumter Bicycle Attorney is available 24/7 to help you if you or your loved one has suffered an injury from a bicycle accident. At Marc Brown Firm, we are here to help you deal with all of your bicycle accident-related issues in Sumter. We make sure that you do not fight alone; we accompany you in fighting the opposing parties no matter how powerful they are.

Our Sumter personal injury attorney Marc Brown is one of the best lawyers you will know around Sumter. He has a great sense of care towards his clients. He treats his clients’ cases like his own and fights off aggressively for their rights. Marc has studied from the most prestigious universities in the United States. What really makes him the best is his experience as a defense lawyer for big companies in a national firm. Knowing both sides of the picture allows him to facilitate you better.

In this way, his firm makes sure you are given full justice for your personal damages.

The Five Most Common Types of Bike Crashes in Sumter

  • Right Hook—The cyclist is on the shoulder of the road or in the bike lane, and has right of way, and the driver turns right, crossing the cyclist’s path and hitting the cyclist.
  • Hit From Behind—Driver (either distracted, drunk, or intentionally aggressive) hits the cyclist from behind while both the driver and cyclists are traveling in the same direction. This type of crash is the deadliest.
  • Left Turning Driver—Driver makes a left turn across an intersection or road, violating the cyclist’s right of way, who was going straight through the intersection/straight road.
  • Driver Pulling Out From a Side Street or Parking Lot—Driver violates right of way and cuts off the cyclist traveling on the main road. In this scenario, the driver fails to judge the speed of the cyclist, fails to see the cyclist because the driver is distracted, or the driver sees the cyclists but decides to intimidate him or her.
  • Pushed or Intimidated Off the Road—Driver, in a fit of road rage, intentionally comes too close (buzzes) the cyclist, not hitting them but forcing them off the road. This type of crash does not involve direct contact with a vehicle, but is incredibly dangerous nonetheless.

Hit and Runs are Highly Likely in Bike Vs Car Crashes Because the Driver is Capable of Fleeing

No matter how a bike crash occurs, the cyclist almost always suffers serious or catastrophic injuries, while the driver walks away completely unharmed, and of course so too is the driver’s vehicle. Because of this, a very high proportion of bike vs car crashes end up as hit and runs. If you or law enforcement are able to track down the hit and run driver, a personal injury claim can be filed against them (in addition to criminal charges). If they cannot be located, however, you still have the option of seeking financial compensation. Instead of filing a claim against another party, you will file a claim, demanding compensation, from your own insurance company via your uninsured/underinsured motorist policy.

Why Choose Our Services

Here are some reasons why you should choose our bicycle accident attorney services in Sumter:

  • We provide you with the best EVERY time.
  • You are not charged even a penny until we win the case.
  • We are affordable!
  • Our services are based on your satisfaction. We keep you in mind.
  • We fight for you like we are fighting for ourselves.

Seek Help From A Skilled Sumter Bicycle Accident Lawyer

As with any traffic collision claim, a bike crash victim is capable of seeking compensation for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost earnings and earning capacity, property damage, and more. To hold the irresponsible driver accountable, call Sumter bicycle accident attorney Marc Brown today at (803) 848-0008 to schedule a free consultation.

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