Bishopville Negligent Security Attorney

Perhaps you went to a club and suffered injuries. You may have been shopping in a retail location when someone confiscated a weapon. These are some of the most terrifying experiences. If you are facing the aftermath of them, our Bishopville crime victims and negligent security law firm are ready to fight for you. At Marc Brown Law Firm, our Bishopville personal injury legal team will take your case seriously and exhaust all possible avenues for recovering compensation for you.

Understanding Negligent Security and Crime Victim Compensation

In situations where you should be expected to be safe, and that fails to occur, it may be the owner or manager’s fault if you suffer injuries. This is not always the case. It is up to you, the victim, to prove:

  • The at-fault party owed you a duty of care, meaning you should have felt safe and protected
  • They failed to provide that duty of care in some way
  • That failure to provide that duty of care led to the incident to occur
  • You suffered injury and other losses as a result of that incident directly

Proving this in a negligent security manner means showing that you should have felt safe within that environment and the at-fault party did not do enough to protect you from a threat they should have expected to be present. In some cases, they may have tried to prevent the risk but did not do enough to do so.

Compensation You May Be Owed in a Negligent Security Case

A crime victim could face years of struggle from not just the physical and financial outcomes of these incidents but also the trauma they inflict. Under the law, you have the right to full compensation for any losses another person causes to you that they should have been able to prevent. Some of the most common losses we fight to recover for our negligent security and crime victim clients include:

  • Coverage for all of their medical losses, including emergency medical care and long-term medical needs
  • Loss of time at work
  • Lost of quality of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma

Each situation is very unique. This is not a simplistic type of personal injury claim, and as a result of that, you certainly need to work with a trusted, experienced attorney who can guide and support you throughout the process. Our Bishopville negligent security attorneys know how to find the evidence to prove you were hurt because of negligence. Then, we seek out full compensation for any losses you have.

Hire an Aggressive Advocate for Crime Victims and Negligent Security Victims in Bishopville

Marc Brown Law Firm is committed to providing our clients with exceptional legal representation. To do that, we analyze what occurred, develop a legal strategy, find the evidence available, and aggressively seek compensation.

Our Bishopville crime victims and negligent security attorneys are ready to help you in this process. Your first step is to get the medical care you need. Your second is to contact our firm for a free consultation.