What Causes Car Crash Brain Injuries?


Each year, traumatic brain injuries account for hundreds of thousands of hospital stays. Countless other TBI victims don’t get the treatment they need when they need it. Initial TBI symptoms include soreness and disorientation. Accident shock has these same symptoms. Shock usually goes away on its own, whereas brain injuries are usually permanent. So, many doctors treat head injuries with a “take two and call me in the morning” attitude.

A Columbia personal injury lawyer connects these victims with physicians who know how to diagnose and treat accident-related head injuries. Because attorneys have professional relationships with these doctors, these physicians usually charge nothing upfront and often agree to fee reductions. Additionally, an attorney obtains the compensation these victims need to not only pay accident-related expenses, but also move forward with the rest of their lives.

Sudden Loud Noises

Many witnesses say that car crashes make very loud noises that sound like explosions. These sudden loud noises create shock waves that disrupt brain functions.

This phenomenon often affects passengers who otherwise seem uninjured. The brain injury becomes apparent slowly over time, not instantly. Therefore, these victims, and their doctors, don’t connect symptoms like tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and headaches with a previous car crash.

To reduce the risk of such head injuries, victims should always see doctors immediately after crashes, even if they “feel fine.” A Columbia brain injury lawyer can connect victims with doctors who charge nothing upfront for an initial examination and follow-up medical treatment, as well as diagnostic texts and other ancillary matters.


Advanced seat belts and airbags absorb much of the force in a high-speed car wreck. But they cannot possibly absorb all the force. Today’s cars and trucks are much bigger and faster than they were even twenty years ago.

Hitting one’s head on a steering wheel airbag is like inflating a balloon, attaching the balloon to the head, and chagrin at a wall at 60mph.

Trauma-related head injuries require a great deal of skill to treat. Usually, doctors must perform immediate surgery to stop brain bleeding and slow down brain swelling, or the victim’s injuries get much worse.

These “much worse” symptoms usually include dementia-like symptoms that are life-threatening in many cases.

Violent Motion

Sometimes, brain injuries occur before car crash victims hit their heads on solid objects. The human brain isn’t much larger than an oversize coffee mug. The skull suspends this organ in a water tank full of cerebrospinal fluid.

When victims jerk their heads forward, their brains slam against the insides of their skulls. This impact usually causes permanent injuries that create serious problems during physical therapy.

Dead brain cells do not regenerate. Therefore, physical therapists must train uninjured parts of the brain to assume lost functions. This painstaking process usually involves learning how to eat, walk, talk, and do practically everything else all over again.

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