Conyers Negligent Security Lawyer

When a crime occurs, you may believe the only person responsible for the losses is the party that committed the crime. That is not always the case. Many situations can occur in which the property owner or organization running the event could be held responsible for what occurred if you can prove they were negligent. At the Marc Brown Law Firm, our Conyers personal injury lawyer provides comprehensive legal support, including for Conyers crime victims and negligent security claims.

Determining When Negligent Security Occurs

Negligent security occurs when a person suffers an injury because the property owner or other party responsible for the area fails to provide a safe space. Not every situation involving assault or injuries falls into this area. However, all crime victims should speak to an attorney to determine if they may have a case.

Our negligent security attorneys in Conyers will examine the evidence in your case to determine if you may have the right to pursue compensation. Here are some examples.

  • Did the person owe you a sense of security? Did you have a reasonable expectation of being safe at the location?
  • Is there any indication that the property owner should have known or did know that there was a risk to patrons of the event?
  • If they had known, is there anything they could have done that could have reduced the risk to you as the victim?

There are many instances in which negligent security can occur. Some examples include:

These are very challenging cases. Yet, if you suffered an injury due to this type of failure, you may have the right to compensation. As your trusted, experienced, negligent security attorney, we will guide you in seeking compensation for any applicable losses. Now is the time to take legal action immediately.

You May Be Owed Compensation for Your Losses

Crime victims may be owed compensation for the losses they incurred from the property owner in situations where you can demonstrate the property owner should have anticipated the risk and done something to minimize it. If that occurred in your situation, we can seek damages, including for:

  • Medical bills you suffered
  • Ongoing emotional trauma care and support
  • Lost time at work
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of property

These are often very challenging cases because there is so much on the line. As a result, it is critical that you choose an experienced attorney to remain by your side. Trust us to ensure the insurance company is fair.

Turn to Our Crime Victims and Negligent Security Attorneys Now

The Marc Brown Law Firm is committed to helping victims recover the damages they have. Speak to us as your Conyers crime victims and negligent security attorney. Let us help you determine who is at fault and, as such, what type of damages they may cause for exposing you to such risks at a free consultation.