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Every dog has the ability to cause serious injury to another person through a dog bite. Any dog can lash out and cause such injuries, even in situations where they are not provoked, which is why you should consult personal injury attorneys in Hampton. If you are the victim of such an attack, our Hampton dog bite attorney at Marc Brown Law Firm is ready to help you recover the damages you suffered.

Dog Bites Are Owner Responsibilities

Under South Carolina law, a dog owner is responsible for the losses their pet causes to other people, including injuries from dog bites. The law does not require that the dog have some history of malicious or aggressive behavior to hold the dog owner responsible. That means that, even if this is the first time the dog has engaged in such instances, the owners are responsible for the losses.

To prove that the owner was negligent, it is critical to know what you are and are not allowed to do. Here are some examples;

  • Dog owners must keep their pets leashed in public. If a dog bites you in a public area, whether or not the dog is on a leash, the owner owes you compensation.
  • The dog owner is responsible as long as the victim did not provoke the dog. If you teased or in some way antagonized the dog, and that is what led to the attack, you may not be able to pursue compensation.
  • A person must be legally and lawfully on private property. For example, if you were told not to enter the backyard with posted signs, and you did so, the owner is not responsible. If you approached the front door of the home to drop off a package delivered to the wrong house, the owner could be responsible.

Because there is so much on the line and so many risks involved, it is critical that you take action into your own hands. If you were attacked or suffered a dog bite, your first step is to seek medical care (and get all follow-up support required). Then, seek out the help of our attorney. We will help you with:

  • Filing a police report if you have not done so
  • Getting the ongoing medical care and evaluations you need
  • Aid in you gathering witness statements or photos of the evidence that causes the incident
  • Documenting your losses fully, including any future medical care you need
  • Documenting your emotional trauma

Our attorney will then pursue full compensation for you under the law through the dog owner’s insurance or directly to the owner at fault. We work hard to ensure you receive fair treatment and negotiate a settlement with the responsible parties. Expect us to fight for full compensation.

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