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Sumter Slip & Fall Attorney

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common accidents that occur to people. More than a million people are hurt from a trip, slip and fall injury, and more than 17,000 individuals as a result per year, according to the Central for Disease Control and Prevention. Slip and fall accidents are typically the consequence of slipping, falling, tripping, or stumbling, especially when the individual is present at someone else’s property. The premises could either be private or public. When you speak with a Sumter slip and fall lawyer, we can help you know what your rights are with a legal case.

Whether it is a private residence, hotels, grocery stores, motels, retail locations, fitness centers, restaurants, etc., you can recover compensation from the property owner or any other party that could be accountable for your slip and fall injury. If you or your loved one has ever been in a slip and fall accident in Sumter, your immediate action should be to consult a slip and fall accident lawyer who is experienced in such cases. Marc Brown Law Firm has attorneys that are skilled and experienced in the area of slip and fall accidents.

Our lawyers understand all the guidelines and laws that need to be followed related to slip and fall accidents. Marc Brown is an experienced Sumter slip & fall attorney who has worked numerous cases of slip and fall accidents.

Brown is not only experienced but also is a highly skilled personal injury lawyer who knows how to win cases for his clients. He formerly worked at a national firm defending corporate organization. From that he knows what the defending party would do, in most cases. This understanding has made him valuable to his clients.

Negligence in Slip and Fall Accidents

The owner of a property is supposed to take particular precautions to keep their property harmless and safe. This responsibility is stricter and important for commercial premises owners, and they are detained on a greater pedestal.

These duties and responsibilities are typically called “premises liability.” Sadly, a lot of property owners ignore and neglect these responsibilities and fail to keep their property safe. This negligence is generally the primary reason for slip and fall accidents. A property owner can not automatically be held responsible for the slip and fall accident that happens in their property. It has to be recognized that the property owner was unaware of the ‘unsafe condition’ that caused the accident.

Similarly, if you prove that the property owner deliberately ignored and neglected the unsafe condition on his property, that will benefit your case. Another claim that you can establish is that even if the unsafe condition was created by someone else, the property owner neglected it and did not fix it within due time. Generally, not everyone is aware of their full rights, and they do not know how to react to such accidents.

Their lack of awareness leads them to physical, emotional, and financial harm, which is unfair to you as your accident was caused due to someone else’s negligence. Therefore, whenever you happen to be in such an accident, the first thing you should do is consult a bar certified lawyer who knows his work around slip and fall accidents so that he can guide you and help you compensate for your damages.

Marc Brown is an experienced lawyer in such cases and would be able to help you recover all your damages.

In addition to hiring a lawyer, here are some steps you can take, per the NSC:

  • “Keep floors and surfaces clear of clutter
  • Wear sensible footwear
  • Properly arrange furniture to create open pathways
  • Maintain good lighting indoors and out.”

These tips will not always guarantee no accidents will happen, but they can definitely minimize the chances.

Call A Skilled Sumter Slip and Fall Attorney!

A serious slip and fall accident can cause life-changing injuries like fractures, brain injuries, and so forth. So, if you ever get into a slip and fall accident in Sumter, make sure to consult our legal firm and let us compensate for your claims and damages. Book your FREE appointment today.

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