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When a crime happens, most people focus on the criminal aspects of the case, assuming the person will go to jail. Yet, for the victim, there may be financial losses, emotional turmoil, and ongoing medical bills that do not get better. In some situations, our August crime victims and negligent security attorney may be able to help you. At the Marc Brown Law Firm, a personal injury lawyer will seek to provide you with exceptional legal support when facing facing horrible conditions like this.

Negligent Security Is a Concern

If you attend a party, nightclub, or other event, you expect it to be safe for you to be there. When you come home after a long day, you expect the door to the apartment complex to lock properly behind you. If you have to walk into a government building, you do not expect someone to assault you. In all of these situations, you can have the confidence to trust you are safe. Yet, when someone hurts you, the event is not just that criminal’s fault. It could be the property owner’s fault as well.

Some examples may include:

  • Government building owners and management
  • Apartment complex owners
  • Property owners of commercial establishments
  • Entertainment-related company owners
  • Schools

In these situations, you put your trust in other people to keep you safe. When they fail you, and you suffer, seek personal injury compensation in Augusta for the losses you incurred.

Why Seek Damages After a Negligent Security Matter?

Negligent security can be a very complicated type of personal injury to pursue. Yet, many times, it can be incredibly important for you to do so. You may be owed compensation for the losses you have, which ultimately means that you will face medical bills, lost time at work, and ongoing pain and suffering as a result of the mistakes another person made.

Remember, the criminal went to jail or suffered some other consequences. Yet, in a situation like this, where the property owner exposes you to risk, that owner may be responsible for your losses as well. To find out, we encourage you to set up a free consultation with a crime victims attorney to discuss your case. Your privacy is always protected, and we never put you on the spot. Instead, we provide information and answers.

If you are the victim of any type of assault from another person, abuse in some form, or mistreatment, we encourage you to work with a negligent security attorney in Augusta for immediate guidance. It does not cost you anything to contact an attorney to discuss your case. Yet, there is a lot on the line, and you should be compensated for those losses.

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