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Due to the size of 18-wheelers, truck accidents can often be devastating for those involved. In many cases, the driver of the semi-truck is not the person who is significantly injured. It is sometimes the driver or passengers of another vehicle involved in the accident. These large and powerful trucking companies have big legal teams on their side, so you need an experienced Augusta accident lawyer on your side as well.

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Trucking litigation can be complex and tricky, so you need an attorney with the expertise to help you navigate a successful settlement. To get a full and fair recovery, you might need to attack your claim from multiple angles.

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Liability in Truck Accident Cases

Driver negligence is one of the most common causes of automobile accidents, and this is also true of truck accidents. You can often prove driver negligence through evidence that proves speeding, distracted driving, violation of traffic laws, following too closely, or other driving mistakes. However, driver negligence is not the only way to prove liability in a trucking case.

In addition to the truck driver, there are several other parties who could potentially be at fault in a truck accident. Proving that one of these other parties is at fault can also entitle you to a financial recovery. These other parties could include the manufacturer of the truck or trailer, the trucking company, or other third parties. For instance, the trucking company’s failure to perform background checks on their drivers or perform proper maintenance on their vehicles could put liability on them. Having an experienced attorney who knows how to handle these complex cases is extremely important.

Proving a Truck Accident Case

As mentioned above, there are several different parties who could be liable for damages resulting from a truck accident. But how do you prove that liability? An experienced attorney can help you obtain all the information and records necessary to prove your case. Examples include driver logs, inspection reports, maintenance records, truck data logs, background check results, cell phone usage data, driver certifications, driving records, and drug and alcohol testing results. These records can be critical to proving your case, and they could mean the difference between winning or losing your case.

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After any serious accident, you need to be focused on recovering from your injuries. This can be difficult if you are stressed about medical bills, lost wages, and other financial problems.

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