Jonesboro Negligent Security Lawyer

Business and property owners have a legal obligation to ensure the premises are safe for all invited guests and patrons. Unfortunately, many of these owners fail to adhere to these responsibilities, jeopardizing the safety and well-being of those they have welcomed onto their premises. If you have been attacked or victimized due to a crime, and negligent security is found to have contributed to this event, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Turn to a knowledgeable Jonesboro crime victim or negligent security lawyer from Marc Brown Law Firm to discuss your legal options. In cases like these, liable parties often have insurance coverage that may pay for a portion of your losses, but we will be prepared to bring your case to trial if that’s what it takes to maximize your payout. Contact our injury lawyers in Jonesboro at our firm today to schedule a free consultation and discuss the value of your case and who could be liable for your damages.

Negligent Security Takes Several Forms

You may not be sure whether you have the right to file a negligent security lawsuit. Some of the most common types of negligent security and crime victims claims our clients have pursued include:

  • Broken fencing claims
  • Lack of security cameras or failure to repair surveillance systems
  • Failure to hire security guards
  • Failure to provide adequate locks
  • Failure to make repairs to doors or elevators
  • Failure to monitor security cameras

How Crime Victims Can Demand Justice

The state had 36,705 violent crime reports in 2022 according to the 2022 Summary Report by the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program from the Georgia Crime Information Center. If you suffered devastating injuries due to someone else’s criminal conduct, you may have a chance to take justice into your own hands. By filing a claim against their insurance policy or naming them as liable in your crime victim lawsuit, you may be able to hold the liable party to account.

Recoverable Damages for Crime Victims in Jonesboro

You should be reimbursed for all the ways you have been impacted after a crime. The liable party should cover your ambulance bill and medical treatment, ongoing mental health counseling, prescription medication needs, and other necessary expenses.

However, they should also compensate you for emotional distress, loss of consortium, pain and suffering, and other damages that may not be tangible. These are commonly referred to as non-economic damages and are often far more impactful than other types of economic losses.

Your crime victims/negligent security attorney in Jonesboro will also review your case to determine whether punitive damages apply. According to Georgia Code ยง 51-12-5.1, punitive damages can be awarded if defendants engage in gross negligence or intend to cause physical bodily injury or death.

Meet With a Reputable Crime Victims/Negligent Security Lawyer in Jonesboro Today

As if suffering debilitating injuries was not difficult enough, the trauma of such a terrifying crime or attack can leave you with significant emotional distress that makes it difficult or impossible for you to live your daily life. When you are burdened by mental anguish and substantial financial losses related to the event, demanding compensation from the liable party may be the best way to cover your costs and put this experience behind you. With the support of a dedicated Jonesboro crime victims or negligent security attorney from Marc Brown Law Firm, you can take control of your future.

We are ready to begin investigating and gathering the evidence we need to prove the business owner’s negligence. Contact our legal team to schedule a free consultation today. You can reach us through our online contact form or by phone to get started.