Marion Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs are widely regarded as man’s best friend, but that does not mean they are always safe to be around. A dog can turn violent in an instant, sometimes with little warning. Dog bites can cause severe injuries, sometimes even resulting in diseases like rabies, and sometimes, the owner will try to avoid paying for the devastating injuries their pet caused.

If a dog has bitten you, you may have legal options with help from an experienced Marion dog bite lawyer at Marc Brown Law Firm. You can pursue compensation from the party liable for the bite, which is usually the dog’s owner. A respected South Carolina personal injury attorney can help you get the most out of your claim. Contact our office for a 100% free consultation to learn more about your next steps.

Dog Bites Can Leave Severe or Even Fatal Injuries

While a dog bite may seem trivial or worse, just painful, they are potentially much more dangerous. In some cases, dog bites and animal attacks can lead to life-changing injuries or even a Marion wrongful death claim. There are a number of complications that can arise from these bites, including:

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Rabies
  • Tetanus
  • Nerve and muscle damage
  • Broken bones
  • Death

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were about 43 deaths per year from dog bites from 2011-2021. Children are especially susceptible to death by dog bite, particularly with large dog breeds. Many of the complications, such as infection, can lead to death if not quickly treated.

Responsibility for a Dog Bite May Fall on the Owner

A dog cannot be held responsible for its own actions, and it certainly cannot stand trial like a person can. As an animal, it acts purely on instinct and cannot understand reason, but its owner is responsible for its care and safety, including protecting the safety of others if their dog is a potential threat. This means that the liability for a dog bite usually lies on the owner according to the South Carolina Code of Laws Section 47-3-10.

A poorly-trained dog or dog that gets loose is the fault of its owner or trainer, and most public spaces have set rules about having a dog. If a dog owner disregards these rules and another person is hurt as a result, the dog owner may be 100% responsible. This may not be the case in instances of trespassing or provocation, where you may not have the same legal rights to compensation.

In some cases, the owner of the dog cannot legally be held accountable. If the owner of the dog who bites you is a minor, their parents may be responsible for the damage. Taking the right steps to identify the liable party can save you crucial time through this process.

Recoverable Compensation in Marion Dog Bite Claims

This level of harm is likely going to have a significant impact on your life, no matter what the actual result of the bite is. If that harm was caused even indirectly by someone else’s negligence, you have the right to seek reimbursement for your damages from that person. That compensation should include every loss you have suffered, including:

The amount you are entitled to is based primarily on the extent of the damages and the impact your injuries have on your life. These economic and non-economic damages ensure you are compensated not only for the actual costs caused by the bite but also for the pain and suffering you endured. By ensuring you are considering both sides of your current and future damages, you can demand just Marion personal injury compensation for your suffering.

Find Out if You Have Grounds for a Lawsuit After a Dog Attack. Call Marc Brown for Help Today

Recovering from a dog bite can be a long and expensive process, and you should not have to bear the burden by yourself. You may want to consider a lawsuit so that you can potentially receive compensation for the damage done. If your pain is caused by someone else’s negligence, they should bear the cost of that pain. Fortunately, the legal system provides opportunities for dog bite victims to get the support they need.

Rather than living with pain and fear after an attack, you can get the financial help you need, as well as closure and justice for your suffering. When a dog attacks, remember that there is a path to recovery. Hold the dog’s owner or other liable party accountable by connecting with a Marion dog bite lawyer at Marc Brown Law Firm. Fill out our quick contact form or call us to schedule your free consultation today.