Savannah Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bites change lives, creating financial and physical loss but also emotional trauma for many victims. Work with a Savannah dog bite attorney, a trusted professional who can help you learn what all of your damages are and then provide you with strategies for recovering them. The Savannah personal injury lawyers at Marc Brown Law Firm are committed to providing clients with support, guidance, and aggressive legal representation.

You Should Not Just Settle Your Dog Bite Case

With the help of a Savannah dog bite lawyer, you gain the peace of mind that you are pursuing the maximum amount of compensation you are owed after an accident. Our attorneys are committed to providing clients with exceptional legal representation, which starts with a free consultation to discuss your incident. From there, we will work to find evidence to prove your losses.

Insurance companies do everything they can to reduce the damages paid to victims because they are for-profit companies. With the help of a dog bite lawyer in Savannah, you gain insight into what your legal rights are, and we protect your right to compensation through the process, including several key steps:

  • We document all of your losses. This includes medical bills, pain and suffering, lost time at work, and emotional trauma.
  • Our attorneys explain to you what your case is worth and then seek full compensation from the insurance company, answering all of their questions.
  • If they do not pay you fairly, our team will then fight for your damages in court.

If we take on your case, you can expect our legal team to remain by your side throughout the entire legal process. There is no risk to you. If you do not win your case, you pay us nothing.

What Makes a Dog Bite Case Challenging?

Dog bite accidents may seem like simple claims, but they are often quite challenging. Under the state’s laws, you must show that the dog hurt you, that you were legally allowed to be where you were when it happened, and that you did not provoke the dog in any way. Our dog bite lawyers in Savannah have the knowledge to help you gather the evidence to prove your case.

We gather the documentation necessary to prove your right to compensation at the highest level, including:

  • Medical records that show your injuries
  • Documentation of lost wages and benefits
  • Documentation showing emotional trauma
  • Detailed evidence of the impact this accident has had on you
  • Support for full recovery through rehabilitation and any added care needed

You Have the Right to Take Action: Let Our Dog Bite Attorney in Savannah Help You

If someone else’s dog hurts you and you have medical bills, lost time at work, or other losses, reach out to our attorney right away for a free consultation. Contact our Savannah dog bite attorney now to set up a free conversation and a few minutes to discuss what occurred with our legal team. At the Marc Brown Law Firm, you get answers to your questions and aggressive legal support.