Savannah Truck Accident Lawyer

While some motor vehicle accidents may be minor, those involving tractor-trailers are often some of the most catastrophic types of collisions you can be involved in. Victims may experience life-threatening or even fatal injuries. Truck drivers, trucking companies, and third parties can be held accountable for victim’s damages by filing claims with the insurance company and personal injury lawsuits where applicable.

You do not need to be intimidated when you have a high-powered Savannah personal injury attorney from Marc Brown Law Firm handling your case. During this difficult time, you should be focusing on your healing journey. We work for our clients on contingency, so we do not get paid unless or until we win. Contact our office to request a free consultation today.

Demand Total Compensation From the Liable Party

After suffering critical injuries in a commercial truck accident, you have the right to be repaid in full for your damages. You should be compensated for every single way your life has been impacted by the injuries you sustained. General damages refer to your intangible losses whereas special damages refer to your financial losses. Some examples of these compensatory damages could include:

  • Loss of consortium
  • Being removed from your employer’s health insurance coverage
  • Unexpected household maintenance or childcare fees
  • Reduced earning potential
  • Chronic pain and physical suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of income, wages, tips, or salary
  • Medical bills, including ambulance fees, diagnostic tests, co-pays, and medical transportation expenses
  • Medical home accommodations

What Truck Accident Insurance Settlements Cover

It may surprise you to learn that truck insurance settlements are not enough to meet most injury victim’s needs. This is because insurance settlements are paid out based on how much coverage the policyholder carries. Georgia follows fault insurance laws according to the Georgia Department of Revenue, so your insurance settlement will be determined by the amount of coverage the at-fault party has purchased.

Keep in mind your insurance settlement will not cover every loss. The insurance company only pays out for specific types of covered losses. For example, the insurer may be willing to cover a portion of your medical expenses and vehicle repair costs, but any other economic or non-economic damages will not be its responsibility. Instead, be prepared to bring your truck accident lawsuit to trial if the at-fault party is unwilling or unable to compensate you for your damages reasonably out of their own pocket and of their own volition.

Do Not Wait to Fight for Justice

Do not wait to get started on your claim. The statute of limitations began counting down the day of your accident and may continue until the two-year expiration date per Georgia Code § 9-3-33.

Contact a Highly Skilled Truck Accident Attorney in Savannah Today

Whether you suffered multiple broken bones, a traumatic brain injury, or required amputation, if someone else is at fault for your injuries, you can make them pay. Do not be surprised if they try to blame you for the accident since Georgia follows modified comparative fault laws under O.C.G.A. § 51-12-33. We will be prepared to refute their claims and ensure the evidence supports the defendant’s culpability in your case.

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