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Columbia Uber Accident Attorney

Rideshare drivers have a lot on the line when what was meant to be simply another ride job turns into a tragic accident. Whether you work for Uber, or another ridesharing business full-time or part-time, spending more time on the road increases your risk of being injured in a traffic accident. Columbia Uber accident attorney, Marc Brown, has years of expertise addressing complicated accident cases in South Carolina.

More and more rideshare drivers are learning the hard way that receiving compensation after an accident is far more difficult than they anticipated. While you may believe that your ridesharing business would pay your medical costs and miss wages automatically, this is not always the case. And just because you weren’t at fault for the accident doesn’t imply your claim will be simple.

We know how to navigate the complicated and fact-specific issues of liability and insurance coverage to determine which parties may owe rideshare drivers recompense how to get our clients the maximum amount of money they deserve.

How Uber Accident Insurance Works

Anyone harmed in an Uber-caused accident may be entitled to claim the company. Other drivers engaged in crashes with Uber drivers, passengers in other cars struck by Uber drivers, passengers in Uber vehicles, and numerous other pedestrians, bicyclists, and other people who may be involved in a crash are all potential claims. Uber may contend that it is only responsible when a driver is connected to its digital network. Other than that, a driver’s insurance policy may be the sole coverage available in the event of an accident.

To understand how Insurance coverage in an Uber accident works, you need an expert Columbia Uber accident lawyer at the Marc Brown Law Firm if you were hurt in an Uber accident in South Carolina. As you can see, these claims may suddenly become complex, and your rights and fair compensation are much too crucial to be claimed.

Uber drivers drive their vehicles and are responsible for their own insurance. Uber offers ridesharing insurance as well. Whether you are injured while riding in an Uber or when your own car is involved in an Uber-caused accident will play a big part in determining which insurance coverage or policies will kick in. Take into account the following three scenarios:

  • The Uber driver is on the job, but he isn’t transporting any passengers. Things get much more complicated if you’re hurt in a car accident with an on-duty Uber driver who is in the middle of picking up clients. Because of the nature of Uber driving, there is a lot of downtimes when there are no active fares. Even though they aren’t formally working for Uber at the time, these drivers frequently stay on the road. In such cases, a contingent insurance policy will likely apply rather than Uber’s commercial coverage.
  • The Uber driver is no longer on the clock. If you’re hurt in an accident with an Uber driver who isn’t on duty, your claim will proceed as if it were any other automobile accident, because the driver’s vehicle isn’t deemed a commercial vehicle in the eyes of the law at the time. Uber’s insurance policy will not activate unless you file a claim with the driver’s insurance.
  • The Uber driver is on the job and transporting passengers. Because the Uber driver is operating a personal vehicle as a commercial vehicle, in this case, Uber’s commercial insurance policy will kick in to cover the Uber driver’s liability.

Contact Our Columbia Uber Accident Lawyers

Learn more about how we can assist you if you’ve been injured in a Uber accident. Before evidence is lost or destroyed, and witness recollections deteriorate, our legal team can begin examining your case. Get in touch with the Columbia Uber accident attorneys at Marc Brown Law Firm right now.

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